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BACP is known for its unique approach to assignments, based on a team of highly capable professionals, senior-level commitment at all times, long term dedication to clients and a constant focus on privacy and confidentiality.
Two Decades of Successful Financial Advisory in Argentina

BACP enjoys excellent credibility and reputation built throughout twenty years of successful transactions and relationships in the local and international financial markets.

Focus on Financial Advisory

BACP provides specialized financial advisory services to local and international companies in mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring and other financial advisory assignments. As a pure advisory house, BACP has no present or future conflicts of interest to provide objetive advice.

Professional Team and Senior Level Commitment

BACP is formed by a number of highly professional people with in-depth corporate finance expertise, negotiation capabilities and understanding of the local markets. BACP provides consistent and active senior-level participation in every assignment, with Directors fully involved in the entire process.

Emphasis in Client Relationship and Long Term Strategic Focus

While BACP is oriented towards individual transactions, it rather concentrates on building and sustaining long term relationships with its clients. In addition to providing traditional advisory services such as valuation, structuring and negotiation, BACP assists clients in evaluating long-term strategic issues, including certain aspects of strategic consulting in its assignments.

Creative Solutions for Complex Problems

BACP has extensive experience in structuring and negotiating complex issues with multiple participants in a number of transactions, in order to meet clients' strategic and financial needs. BACP has helped develop transaction structures which have proved value enhancing.

Fluid Relationships in Financial Markets

Excellent relationship and past working experience with the main investment banks and firms in Argentina, including the local financial community, international investment banks, advisory firms, private equity funds and multilateral credit agencies.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Absolute confidentiality and complete trust are critical ingredients in BACP┬┤s business practice. As such, BACP's works with the highest standards of confidentiality.